The CEO Bowling Kata

Hello and welcome to this programming kata.

This kata consists of several parts where you have to solve one part before the next is revealed, kinda like some sort of advent calendar that you might have heard of.

While you could speed through this kata by just solving the problems as quickly as possible, the intention of this kata is to practice Test Driven Development and as such you're recommended to think about this as production code and write proper tests for your implementation.

Where appropriate, an example will be shown to better explain the problem. These examples are perfect for an initial test case. I do recommend that you write more tests than just based on the example though, the aim, after all, is to drive development by passing tests.

Good luck!

Once upon a time, in a boardroom far, far away, a group of bored CEOs decided to play a game of bowling. Being high-school dropouts with limited understanding of maths, they couldn't grok the scoring rules of regular bowling and decided on a simplified version instead.

As the latest hire you're tasked with calculating the scores for the latest meeting. The rules for CEO bowling is very simple:

The input to your assignment is a file where each row consists of the name of the CEO and a series of numbers representing all their rolls. Your assignment is to figure out who won and how many points they scored.

To ease your implementation, the CEOs have provided an old scorecard for a short game played years ago.

Yatas Del Lana 3 5 3 5 7 2 3 0 10 4 3
Eve Stojbs 3 7 3 3 9 1 6 4 2 3 1 0
Summing up the scores you arrive at:

And can declare Yatas Del Lana the winner with 45 points.

Given the scores in the provided series, calculate the winner and their final score.

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